The Pilot Navigator takes moving up and down stairs to new heights whether they are multiple levels, curves, or intermediate landings. As every staircase is different, each custom-built Navigator is precisely fitted to that home’s need. Each track is 100% built to order utilizing a combination of advanced 3D tube bending technology and skillful craftmanship. Our system reduces the number of joints in the rail resulting in a stronger track and a smooth, comfortable ride. The Navigator HD features increased weight capacity of 350 lbs. and voice command technology.

  • Navigator brown seat
  • Brown Seat Stairlift
  • Brown Seat Stairlift


Standard Features:

  • All curved sections are masterfully crafted in one piece for a smoother ride and easier turn
  • Synchronous folding seat/footplate so there is no bending down to store footplate out of the way
  • Easily installed and removed with sections perfectly fitted using our detailed photo survey system
  • Four rail colors and four seat color options
  • Twin rail design fits close to the wall to leave more room on the stairs
  • Steep start option can leave as little as 11-inches at the lower landing when space is tight
  • LED lighting on carriage to illuminate staircase
  • Built-in safety features: 5 directional sensors, overtravel presentation, motor brake, 2-position swivel seat, key switch, armrest and seat positions sensors, retractable seat belt and an overspeed governor
  • Equipped with battery test point, diagnostic display, and easy-access panels for fast, accurate services
  • Navigator HD has the industry’s first Voice Command Alert which informs user when lift needs to be moved to the charging station
  • Smooth, quiet operation with soft start/stop technology and two wall remotes
  • Powerful 9Ah batteries last longer and the automatic sleep mode helps preserves battery for up to 20 days

Navigator Upholstery Colors


Technical Specs

  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs. (350 lbs. with HD option)

  • Motor: 950W, 24VDC

  • Speed: 20-fpm-6M/min

  • Drive Method: Rack & Pinon Incline Limits °0-52

  • Charger: 115-230V AC, 50/60Hz

  • Battery: 24VDC re-chargeable batteries

  • Internal Arm Rest Width: 16″-20″

  • Seat to Footplate Height: 18.8″

  • Remote Controls: 2 RF remotes included

  • Compliance Standards: ASME A18.1/A17.5

  • Safety Sensors: 5 safety sensors as standard Safety Devices Overtravel prevention, motor brake, key switch, retractable seat belt, armrest and swivel seat safety switches, OSG

  • Warranty: 5 years on the motor gear box 2 years on components


Front view inches:

  • A: External armrest width 22 to 26

  • B: Internal armrest width 16 to 20

  • C: Seat to footrest height 18.8

  • D: Footrest to floor 3.5

Side view and top view inches:

  • E: Seat depth 16.36

  • F: Wall to inside of seat 4.6

  • G: Wall to seat back 4.6

  • H: Folded width 16.7

  • I: Unfolded width 26.8

  • J: Swivel radius 25.4

  • Track intrusion: 6.1